What To Look For When Expecting Masonry

You are buying a new home. Your real estate agent provides a home inspector to go through the home and look for any problems. They find a handful of small but insignificant issues that the seller will fix or reduce the price so you can fix it. You can now sleep at night. But should you?

Jerome Davis of El Paso Masonry Pro will tell you not to take any sleeping pills just yet. “The smart move is to bring in your own pool inspector if you have a swimming pool. Bring in your own A/C inspector to check the units, duc work and look for any mold. Brink in your own masonry inspector. Check the foundation, the brickwork around the pool or any stone work on the property.”

Davis has a long history of helping families avoid expensive surprises in a newly purchased home. Masonry inspection done right will involve probe holes drilled to determine wall thickness and mortar adequacy. Brick walls need to have what is called “weep holes” that allow water to escape. No weep holes means moisture and mold growing behind your beautiful brick wall.

Yes,Yes,Yes, is cost extra but what you spend now you make up later and gives you good nights sleep for years to come


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